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Ruttna is:
Nea - production, mixing, mastering
Lost - Lyrics, Vocals

We don't know what will happen to the band as of now. Maybe we'll make 1000 albums, maybe this is the only release.


released October 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Nea Fukushima, Japan

Psychedelic Trans*

This is hypnosis. Enter and let it sweep you of your feet. Nea is but a child of this universe. As such, she is a being producing music which reflects the psychedelic and surrealistic reality that we all are a part of. Experience the sound and become one with the vibrations in this and in everything. ... more

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Track Name: Devour
Just fuck me just fuck me just fuck me
I don't matter cause matter don't matter
Form is emptiness
The moon pierce through my skin like your nails
Pantyhose and scissors
The rabbithole is not as deep as it seems
It's around 12 cm deep
It's all you can eat, all you can eat, all you can eat, all you can eat...

Give me power to see through your skin
I'll devour all your hunger within

Dirty dicks and chemo cunts
333 nuns and as many monks
I bought this for you but u didn't believe in happiness
And you where goddamn right
Cause form is emptiness
Strip me naked you fuckin idiot and
Make me feel like I'm in a movie, a horror scene
Track Name: Disgusting
It's disgusting how I morph into love
Power and control I want none of the above
Ask me how I feel and I spit in your face
With a lie that is poisonous, tell me how it taste

It's fuckin' disgusting
It's the inside out
Pour out your feelings like Now now now

No remorse, time is just a concept
Deep sea diving, I think I found the loch ness
Sirens flashing, bashing in the back of my mind
I don't mind, trancend Nature and kill your own kind
Track Name: Forest
I touch your blood
My heart lives in a sign, Green and bold
New borns swirl in the midnights stomach
Thank god they don't know my name
I wanna love you like I love myself
But your hair tells a different story

Come, slay the forest with me...

A story so dark even the rain thirsts for more of the less-..
Known. Homes burned, deserts wanting fish
I fear your blistering bliss